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Friending meme

  • My name is Sveta, I'm 24, Ukrainian. I make graphics since 2008.

  • Please, comment if you add me so I could add you too. I speak both Russian (as my native language) and English (as the international one) + weak knowledge of German but I can understand it almost clearly.

  • I'll be very happy to see you in my graphics journal one_xed and my deviantart and my tumblr.

  • With love, Sveta.

  • Меня зовут Света, мне 24 года. Я из Украины. Делаю графику с 2008 года.

  • Буду рада дружить со всеми желающими. Отпишитесь в комментах, если добавили меня. С радостью добавлю и вас.

  • Также буду очень рада видеть вас в моем сообществе для аватаров one_xed, на девианте и на моем тумблере. Если вы русскоговоряший мейкер, то буду рада пригласить вас на свой арт форум MASTERSHIP

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I wish there was a non-anon icon_news community, where we could know about all the voting and challenge posts. For example: mod posts a submission post every day and mods of that comms comment with their news.
There also can be some misc announcements like someone searching for a partner to create a comm or people for battles etc.
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To Alex

Alex, I want you to know I love you and I'm always by your side. I think you are really beautiful and talented person. Huggzzz
Just wanted to say it so you had a nice morning.